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Dick Scobee Memorial Airfield
The name of this model airplane complex honors the memory of the late NASA astronaut Francis R. (Dick) Scobee.  He was the Commander of the orbiter Challenger, launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, January 28, 1986.
Scobee and the six other people on board perished when the Challenger exploded, one minute and thirteen seconds after launch.
Dick Scobee was born May 19, 1939 in Cel Elum Washington.  He was survived by his wife, June, daughter Kathie and son Richard.
Special Thanks

Special thanks to the crew at George Bush Park - Harris County Precinct Three for providing Scobee Field to the Bayou City Flyers... Also, without the dedication of the U.S. Army Corp or Engineers, we would not have Bush Park... Without their hard work and dedication, Scobee Field would not be the biggest and best RC flying facility in Houston... 

George Bush Park is comprised of 7800 acres of park land, open for all  to enjoy... The park has riding trails, bicycle paths, soccer fields, baseball diamonds, ponds & bayous, dog parks, play grounds and cookout areas... The park is open 365 days a year...

Harris County Precinct #3


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Sheldon Reyher from Bayou City Flyers Places First 'Twice' in his 1st foray into Pattern Flying in the Sportsmans Category. 1st at G.A.M.A. (Georgetown Aero Modelers Association), Georgetown, TX. his Pattern plane was out of commission so he won the Competition with his Great Planes Ugly Stick!. His next competition was at L.A.R.K.S. (Lake Area Radio Kontrol Society) Sulphur, LA. Congratulations from all of us Sheldon.

 photo 20140413_163428_6_zps00f98e3e.jpg

May 31st at Scobee Field

 photo Bucky_zps15b69e49.jpg

Corey Johnson Gets Year End Revenge

Not sure if he was planning this all along or not, but it looks like he got Greg Yancy back for taking out his Zero with his Texan at Bomber Field... Hahaha

 photo Corey1_zpsc6612f28.jpg

A closer look at the prop cuts in the wing
 photo Corey2_zps8e66bd61.jpg

Corey's Focke-Wulf 190 got about the same damage as Greg's Texan did, a bit of a chewed up prop.
 photo Corey3_zpsd10f91f3.jpg

Corey Johnson's Revenge Ended Today

The Air Combat over Scobee Field report just came in for Saturday, December the 28th. Brad Walters had just returned from a Sortie in Colorado and wanted to get in on the Previous Days Fun.

Brad was already flying his Japanese Ki-61 Hien chasing enemy aircraft when Corey Johnson's Focke-Wulf took off and in a matter of seconds of Corey putting his gear up, Brad made a sharp turn and took out part of his left horizontal stab and elevator.

Again both planes survived.

 photo Brad2_zpsba56c077.jpg  photo Brad1_zps58af133c.jpg


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